I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge..dreams are more powerful than facts..hope always triumphs over experience..laughter is the cure for grief..nn luv is stronger than pride!!

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Am a chill person, optimistic, easy to go by.. good at heart, ambitious, adventurous, fun luving........n a daring young guy. I luv simplicity nn I like living simple...luv sharing wat I hav with ppl...I hate restrictionz....I want thingz my way..but not at the cost of sumone...I luv being luved!! Luv spending time with frndz... Luv researching a lot..not in the lab.. on the comp.. :)

I believe in myself.. I do the things I wanna do as long as I feel I am right... no cautions, no precautions.

I believe there is no greater force on earth than your own personal will. If you want to do something, anything, you will find a way...nn if you don't , you'll find an excuse. Never ever give up..!


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The journey's our goal, our path is the point ... There are two days in every week we should never worry about, two days that should be kept free from fear and apprehension. One is yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, its aches and pains, its faults and blunders. Yesterday has passed fore
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Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) 04:19
Visit http://cardiology.healthanimations.com for FREE videos, illustrations and patient handouts for healthcare providers. This 3D medical animation of the heart shows a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedure used to combat coronary artery disease. Beginning with a midline sternal incision, t...
Nov 23
Dilip added a new video HIPAA+Basics
HIPAA+Basics 01:16
A Training module for healthcare employees to receive upon hiring or as a refresher course. Simple, yet very effective way of educating staff of the importance to adhering to the federal requirements of HIPAA compliance....
Nov 23
Dilip added a new video HIPAA Training
HIPAA Training 02:07
The HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules dictate that all who may come into contact with protected health information go through a training on HIPAA policy, and that there is documentation to prove that the training has been completed. This program will train you in the basic HIPAA rules regarding the u...
Nov 23
HIPAA - Basic Privacy Rules 02:54
This video instructs you with Basics of Health care Privacy. This course covers the need for administrative simplification, standards for electronic transactions, Health information privacy and security and Individual rights over health information. To Learn more Come and Pay us Media Contact (e...
Nov 23
Privacy & Security: The New HIPAA Rule 05:52
Video clip from our training program for healthcare staff on the updated HIPAA regulations, including the HITECH Security Law, which went into effect Nov. 2009. HIPAA is federal legislation that protects the safety and privacy of all medical records and other personal health information. The complet...
Nov 23
HIPAA 101: The Basics of HIPAA Administrative Simplification 43:06
Health Care Financing Administration HIPAA 101: The Basics of HIPAA Administrative Simplification AVA21211VNB1, 2003 HIPAA 101 is a video program designed to inform the health care provider community about the administrative simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Account...
Nov 23
The HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Migration, Pt. 1 09:07
Ruby Raley, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Axway...
Nov 23
ICD-10 Coding: What You Need to Know Now  2 of  2 09:54
http://supercoder.com part 2 of 2 Discover whats new for ICD-10. If you are in the medical coding industry this is a MUST SEE video. Presented by Suzanne Leder, BA, M.Phil., CPC, COBGC Distributed by Tubemogul....
Nov 23
ICD-10 Coding: What You Need to Know Now  1 of  2 10:00
http://supercoder.com part 1 0f 2 Discover whats new for ICD-10. If you are in the medical coding industry this is a MUST SEE video. Presented by Suzanne Leder, BA, M.Phil., CPC, COBGC Distributed by Tubemogul....
Nov 23
Dilip added a new video ICD 10 CM Lecture
ICD 10 CM Lecture 09:59
Lecture Video Number 1 for HI 215...
Nov 23

ICD-10 Corner

9 benefits of ICD-10

1. Measuring the quality, safety and efficacy of care
2. Designing payment systems and processing claims for reimbursement
3. Conducting research, epidemiological studies, and clinical trials
4. Setting health policy
5. Operational and strategic planning and designing healthcare delivery systems
6. Monitoring resource utilization
7. Improving clinical, financial, and administrative performance
8. Preventing and detecting healthcare fraud and abuse
9. Tracking public concerns and assessing risks of adverse public health events

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Started by a group of young, enthusiastic physicians in the year 1999, Vision Infonet was incorporated in the State of Illinois in 2001. As a vibrant enterprising organization,  we began our journey towards the world leadership in providing the IT enabled back-office services to medical facilities.....more

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