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  • Krishna Hare
  • Sathish Kumar.Gaalla
  • Sathish Kumar.Gaalla
  • Sathish Kumar.Gaalla
  • Krishna Hare
  • Sathish Kumar.Gaalla
  • Krishna Hare
  • Krishna Hare
  • Krishna Hare
  • Krishna Hare
  • Krishna Hare
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HIPAA 101: The Basics of HIPAA Administrative Simplification 43:06
Last updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:02
HIPAA+Basics 01:16
Last updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:04
HIPAA Training 02:07
Last updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:03

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ICD-10 Corner

9 benefits of ICD-10

1. Measuring the quality, safety and efficacy of care
2. Designing payment systems and processing claims for reimbursement
3. Conducting research, epidemiological studies, and clinical trials
4. Setting health policy
5. Operational and strategic planning and designing healthcare delivery systems
6. Monitoring resource utilization
7. Improving clinical, financial, and administrative performance
8. Preventing and detecting healthcare fraud and abuse
9. Tracking public concerns and assessing risks of adverse public health events

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Started by a group of young, enthusiastic physicians in the year 1999, Vision Infonet was incorporated in the State of Illinois in 2001. As a vibrant enterprising organization,  we began our journey towards the world leadership in providing the IT enabled back-office services to medical facilities.....more

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